Founded in 1911 by William R. Norton, Sunnyslope is older than the State of Arizona. By 1919, the desert settlement had only four or five cottages and no roads, no electricity, and no running water. That soon changed as those recovering from tuberculosis sought the relief of Sunnyslope’s dry climate. In 1927, the Desert Mission was established, with its nurses dubbed the “Angels of the Desert.” This would eventually become the modern, multistory John C. Lincoln Hospital. A post–World War II boom saw Sunnyslope’s population grow with small businesses, schools, and churches being established that still serve the community today. Annexed by the City of Phoenix in 1959, Sunnyslope, with its roughly 40,000 residents, retains its unique identity to this day.


About the Author:

Reba Wells Grandrud tells the story of Sunnyslope’s past century with over 200 images culled from the archives of the Sunnyslope Historical Society. Founded in 1989, the Sunnyslope Historical Society’s mission is to preserve its past for its future through researching, collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of this intriguing community many have called home.

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