Introducing… The Art Hub Sunnyslope

Upcoming Events

What: The Sunnyslope art scene is growing, from traditional to avant-garde.  It is to be as important as other Arizona groups, while retaining a unique community character.

theART HUB Sunnyslope, is embracing this growth by encouraging local artists to participate.  This organization embraces those who play here, create here, display here and definitely sell here in Sunnyslope.

This newly created artist organization was established to connect, promote and grow the artist community within Sunnyslope. theArt Hub Sunnyslope, will focus on promoting artist’s work, events, showings, art classes and sales by improving communication between artist and the public.

A map of currently existing art installations throughout Sunnyslope will be available via theART HUB Sunnyslope.  These public art pieces include sculptures, mosaics, murals, ironworks and glassworks.

This new venture, theART HUB Sunnyslope, is a Sunnyslope Historical Society project sharing the location and resources with its own unique logo, merchandise, social media presence and website;